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Employer Violation of Stay At Home Orders

On March 19, 2020, California's Governor, Gavin Newsome, issued an unprecedented, sweeping "Stay at Home" order. (See, Order at The order requires all non-essential businesses to close their doors until further notice. However, many employers flout the order and continue to operate their businesses as usual, requiring thousands of Californians to continue going in to work. Taylor Labor Law, PC has received dozens of telephone calls from employees who were terminated because they refused to violate the Governor's order, for their own health & safety, not to mention the health & safety of employee's families, co-workers and the general public. If you were terminated because you refused to violate the order to continue to work and/or because reported your employer to authorities, this amounts to whistle-blowing, which is a protected activity. Any such termination would violate California law.

For additional questions on this topic, please contact Christopher Taylor of Taylor Labor Law, P.C. at (626) 219-6008 or or visit

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