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Los Angeles Mayor Will Sign “Right to Recall” Worker-Retention Ordinance If City Council Passes It

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti voiced support Tuesday for a City Council proposal designed to ensure hospitality, tourism and janitorial workers laid off due to the coronavirus pandemic regain their jobs after the emergency subsides, reports City News Service.

Under city right-of-recall and worker-retention programs, skilled workers with the most seniority with a company are prioritized to be rehired.

The City Council is slated to vote Wednesday on amendments to its right of recall and worker retention emergency laws. The council will also request guidance from the City Attorney's Office and city staff to develop a "Permanent Retention Ordinance" on the mandatory retention of hospitality, tourism and janitorial employees.

If you have questions about Right to Recall or other employment-related issues, please contact Christopher Taylor at (626) 219-6008.

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