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Job Protection When on Leave for Childcare Related to the COVID-19 Crisis

Under the recently passed Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), California employees may be entitled to take job-protected leave through December 30, 2020. Furthermore, employees on protected leave are generally entitled to reinstatement to the same or equivalent position. Employers cannot mandate an employee return to work from protected leave. Instead, Employers must use alternate means to fulfill those employees’ duties. For example, employers can use temporary workers to fulfill the duties of employee on leave.

Some employees who take leave based on the FFCRA are entitled to full or partial pay during their leave. For more information on who qualifies for paid leave and how much pay can be recovered, click here.

For additional information concerning the benefits allowed under the FFCRA or any other employment matter, please telephone or email Christopher Taylor at (626) 219-6008 or visit the Taylor Labor Law, PC website at

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