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My employer challenged my unemployment benefits. What do I do?

The unemployment office (EDD) will send you a notice stating your employer has challenged unemployment benefits and will inquire if you would like to appeal. In most cases, you can appeal by simply signing the paperwork and submitting it in a timely manner. Do not delay. A late appeal will not be heard. Appeals are handled by administrative judges. The process does not require you to be represented by a lawyer, but you may have a lawyer if you wish. At the appeals hearing, the judge will give the employee and the employer each chance to explain the termination. At issue is the most recent conduct, meaning an employer may not bring up old issues from the past. The judge will decide based on the most recent conduct if the employee purposely harm the company.

For more information on this topic or any employment law matter, please contact Christopher Taylor Esq. at (626) 657-6041.


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